Our AutoShip program is a great way to stay on top of our latest designs! Each month we will send you 5 new titles, at a quantity of your choosing (miniumum of 8 each). If we don't have 5 new titles, we will sub in favorites or re-styled patterns. The cards are priced at $.50 each, with a minimum commitment of $20 a month (8 each of 5 titles). We will ship towards the beginning of each month, and you can start or stop at any time.

We have separated out table runners and applique patterns into their own add-on categories. If we have a new table runner or applique pattern ready for a particular month, it'll be added to your AutoShip for that month, at the same quantity as the rest of the titles. (For example, if you have 8 each of the regular AutoShip patterns, that month we'll also send you 8 each of the add-on title, at the same .50 price.) You can add or remove the add-ons at anytime, while still keeping your regular AutoShip intact. We may or may not have add-ons available every month - it'll be a surprise! We'll have our first add-on ready to go for January 2020.

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